Explore The Magic of Florence in Italy

Florence city pulsates with history, art and culture. Every corner whisper tales of art giants Michelangelo and Da Vinci.

The air is filled with aromas of freshly baked bread and brewing espresso. Florence is destination not for history and art geeks, but even foodies and nature lovers. The place has something for everyone.

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Artistic Flavors

Florence boasts world-renowned museums, where masterpieces by Michaelangelo, Da Vinci and Botticelli are exhibited. The Uffizi Gallery is a sprawling palace that overlooks the Arno River.

Tourists are awe-struck at Boticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ and ‘Primavera. You can look at da Vinci’s ‘Adoration of the Magi’ and ponder over the mysteries.

The Accademia Gallery is the home for Michelangelo’s sculpture ‘David’. It is lifelike and seems to breathe.

The smaller museums like Bargello National Museum you obtain a more intimate experience watching the collection of Renaissance sculptures or the Palazzo Vecchio [former seat of Florentine government], where you can marvel the frescoes by Vasari and Salviati.

Besides museums

Florence has a significant history and its intensity is witnessed as you wander the streets. The Duomo or Santa Maria Del Flore cathedral is a masterpiece of the Renaissance architecture.

You can see the panoramic city view climbing the Brunelleschi’s Dome or marvel the intricate detailing of the Baptistery’s bronze doors by Ghiberti.

For in-depth historical immersion, explore the Palazzo Vecchio with its opulent halls and hidden passageways.

Head towards Piazza della Signoria, which is a busy square that was once the heart of Florentine’s political life.

Here you will find the replica of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ and the imposing Palazzo Vecchio adorned with sculptures that tell stories about the tumultuous past.

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Culinary scene

Florence is a haven for foodies. Start your day with a steaming cup of espresso and Italian croissant at the local café. For lunch, savour the local favourite pasta – Pappardelle al cinghiale.

In the evening, enjoy a multi-course Florentine meal including dishes like the Tuscan stew and T-bone steak. Sample the local wines – Brunello di Montalcino or Chianti Classico.

Beyond tourist trails

Besides the rich main attractions, Florence rewards those who venture beyond the tourist trails. Explore the Oltrarno district popular for its artisan workshops and Bohemian atmosphere.

Here, you can watch craftsman create leather goods or browse for unique souvenirs. The Boboli Gardens are manicured and the stroll allows you to see hidden grottoes and breath-taking views.

Florence visit is magical. Art feels alive in museums and the artistic legacy along with its historical significance is charming. Follow Dispo on Facebook as for latest travel updates and seasonal deals.

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