Visit Phuket – Visit the Elephants 

If you are someone who is planning to travel to Thailand and mostly, Phuket, then here’s an amazing activity to add to your list of things to do in Phuket. The sanctuary is located in the lush forest land, nearer the tropical places of west Phuket, they have some morals on elephant sanctuary along with a strong reach. Here you can explore like never before we can feed and greet the elephants, we can feed veggies, and leaves, and explore the forest. If you like nature this is the right choice to come and explore it. 

The agenda is to Take care of Elephants in Phuket 

Elephant welfare is a top point of the moral elephant Phuket and sanctuary guidelines have some strict guidelines, and also, they have a vet facility they will take all welfare, and nutritious. And they take all the international standards. It is a great view to watch while elephants take a bath in the lakes and play with the mud, elephants have a big trunk and it will splash the water on us. All the elephants are well-trained and good in health.

Elephant Phuket Sanctuaries follow all the Guidelines 

The elephant sanctuaries in Phuket have a worldwide fame and name over many years. If you have an idea about going to Phuket on holiday without any doubt it is the best option and if you want to visit the elephants and play with them is a most entertaining thing and a lifetime memory. It is a great tourist attraction not only because of the elephants but also about nature, lakes, greenery, and so on. Who doesn’t like the nature? Everyone stroked in city life polluted air, noisy roads, and hectic chores. The Elephant Phuket is the best option to go on a trip alone or with family or with your friend’s group. They provide us with all the needs and amenities we can spend time with the elephants or we can explore nature. Tourist guides will take care of us in every corner they will guide us if we need anything. They take care of the elephants, the forest, and also the environment we just follow their instructions and no elephant is tied by a knot every elephant will leave happily and healthy here they are well trained and they will not take trouble and give trouble to anyone. So, what are you still thinking? 



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