Helpful hints for Journeying to Japan

It is well known that Japanese society puts a premium on good manners, which may be intimidating for foreign visitors. Don’t waste your money on that. The customs observed here are not more strict or formal than the customs observed in other parts of the world. To top it all off, locals are often ready to help visitors and are forgiving of whatever social faux pas they may make.

Managing one’s expectations is crucial in almost every facet of life. So, to put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled some of our top tips for having a trouble-free trip to Japan.

Please plan ahead and arrive at your hotel at the suitable time.

In a pinch, you may be able to walk in and stay in a regular business hotel without a reservation, but why take the chance? It’s best to plan ahead of time since the best hotels may be booked months in advance. Peak travel dates include the first week of January, the cherry blossom season (late March through April, depending on the area), “Golden Week” (April 29-May 5) and the month of August.

Keep in mind that many ryokan, or traditional Japanese inns, and smaller inns have set check-in times. The rooms will not be serviced or made up outside of these hours. Coordinate your arrival time in advance to avoid any confusion  for 2024 japan tours.

It is recommended that visitors visiting Japan carry just the necessities.

As a general rule, hotel rooms in metropolitan regions of Japan are on the smaller side, leaving little place for large pieces of luggage that may be difficult to carry on the subway or bus. Packing light is never a terrible idea, but visiting Japan specifically calls for it.

Remember that visitors to religious sites like Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples are not expected to dress a certain way. However, certain upscale eateries, bars, and clubs enforce strict dress standards, the most popular of which prohibits men from wearing sandals or sleeveless shirts.

Get a SIM card at the airport with a lot of storage space for your data.

If you’re visiting Japan and anticipate using a lot of data, you should get a SIM card with a large data allowance as soon as you land. Since even Japanese people have a hard time learning their way around the country’s complex street-address system, travellers have found that smartphones preloaded with navigation apps are an important resource.

Wearing shoes that are simple to slip on and off can make your trip much more convenient.

Wearing comfortable walking shoes is necessary. It is also likely that you may be asked to remove your shoes at religious places, traditional inns, and some restaurants, so packing shoes that are easy to slip on and off will be a huge time saver. The business provides slippers for customers who choose to remove their own footwear, while many prefer to just wear socks.

Learn how to use a bidet seat and toilet.

In Japan, where they use high-tech electronic bidet toilets called “washlets,” you can clean and dry your privates with the touch of a button. Other customs in Japanese restrooms could also surprise you. The motion-activated speakers installed in the ladies’ rooms serve to cover up, uh, delicate noises. You should also be ready to take off your shoes at the door if necessary.

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