What Are The Benefits Of Earning More Points In Cathay?

The love of traveling and going on a vacation for personal or business purposes means you spend much on your flight tickets. Several tour packages are offered, and you can avail any of those, especially if you are a member of the agency, like Cathay. Being a Cathay member, there are privileges to unlock. These privileges can only be activated when you have maintained good status as a member.

Cathay membership

To become a Cathay member, you only have to register – it’s free. There is no enrollment fee to become a member, but there are privileges to unlock, like the points rewards. Cathay membership offers three different levels, namely:

  • Green
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Cathay membership can bring you different levels of recognition and privileges. You can fly with Cathay Pacific and the affiliated Oneworld partners to get the chance to earn Status Points. Status Points unlock a world of travel benefits. Cathay membership starts from ages 2 and over; these age groups are eligible to become Green members.

Members below 18 years old require parental consent or a legal guardian to join.

Status points

Status points enhance your travel and daily lifestyle experiences by earning and redeeming Asia Miles on the ground or in the air with its partners. Cathay members enjoy a range of privileges designed for them. Earning Status Points gives you access to incentives and special perks to level up the membership status. The points rewards are collected through the following:

  • Fly with them. Every flight you had with Cathay Pacific means earning Status Points added to your Asia Miles. Use Cathay’s calculator to find points to earn on your upcoming trip.
  • Fly with their affiliated partners. Continue earning Status Points when traveling around the world with their affiliated partners.
  • Get spending. The co-branded credit cards of Cathay are another way to earn Status Points. Every time you spend using these co-branded credit cards elevates your membership.

Aside from the four statuses offered by Cathay membership, each status has several privileges and exclusive rewards, such as:

  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Lounge access

There are also travel benefits, including extended benefits to the affiliated partners. Aside from the travel benefits, there are also lifestyle benefits to enjoy.

Benefits and rewards in Cathay

Cathay Elite Status program comes with benefits, including:

  • extra legroom on flights
  • priority boarding

Club members can get privileges on all airlines in affiliated companies, like the Oneworld Alliance. The benefits of Gold Cathay members have exclusive reach on the ground and in the air, these are:

  • lounge access
  • priority check-in
  • guaranteed seats
  • priority access to lifestyle events
  • experiences and travel packages

These are only a glimpse of the Gold members. If you wish to learn more about the other membership status, you can begin with the Green membership. Green Membership is the first and standard status level, yet you would not say it is the lowest status level once you discover the rewards it covers.

Become a Cathay member and enjoy the exclusive benefits they offer.

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