Busselton Whale Watching: The 8 Handy Whale Watching Tips

The enchanting seaside town of Busselton in Western Australia has many opportunities for a perfect holiday and incredible adventures waiting for you. Busselton offers both tranquil retreats and exhilarating experiences, depending on your mood. Busselton whale watching has a magnificent background because of Geographe Bay’s expansiveness. No amount of planning could ever fully express the scope of this incredible experience. You can always be prepared, however! You’ll leave this post with expert advice on planning and carrying out your trip from Bremer Bay whale watching to Busselton whale watching!

Know the Whale Migratory Season

The true magic begins as the Southern Right and Humpback whales embark on their historic journey. It’s advisable to discover the whales’ migratory season and reserve your excursion in advance if you want a higher chance of seeing one. While occasional sightings occur throughout the year, most whale sightings occur between late September and early December.

Pick a Whale-Loving Tour Operator

A guided Busselton whale watching excursion can boost your chances of seeing those gorgeous whales. These excursions are your greatest option for a close encounter with the whales since they have knowledgeable skippers on board. A trustworthy tour operator will take care of all the necessities and supplement your vacation with exciting information to make the whole experience even more rewarding. Pick tour companies that prioritise protecting and educating whales. The awe and grandeur of these extraordinary animals will be preserved for future generations thanks to this.

See the whales off Geographe Bay if you ever find yourself in Busselton between September and November. If you want to visit other locations like Bremer Bay or other ocean areas where they formerly roamed, choose a guided trip that supports research and conservation efforts to help guarantee that the whales return to the site, not just to Busselton.

Wear Comfy Clothing

It’s essential to prepare in advance and bring the appropriate attire. Choose clothes and shoes that are comfortable and enable you to move freely. Layer your clothing since the weather may be a little erratic, allowing you to change as necessary. Bring a waterproof jacket to protect yourself from any unforeseen water splashes.

Bring Sunblock and Sunglasses

Many suns will be present throughout your Busselton whale watching tour, so prepare yourself! When exposed for long periods, using enough sun protection is essential. A broad-spectrum sunscreen may protect your face and body from UV radiation. Look for trips that provide boats with all the amenities you’ll need to be comfortable if you prefer the inside. You will only be taken on a chartered tour if the weather is ideal for whale viewing. This implies that you may spend a few hours outside in the sun. Western Australia has the nation’s most vital sunshine; thus, it is advisable to protect yourself.

Expect to Get Soaked

You will go fairly close to the whales on these guided expeditions. They may approach you close enough for their splashing or blowhole exhalations to drench you. Additionally, the state of the sea may cause some deck spray. Anything you don’t want to get wet should remain on land.

Bring the Necessary Camera and Equipment

Your sense of amazement at the beauty of the world will be renewed after seeing the sheer magnificence of the whales up close. Take out the telescope and make sure you get everything. Of course, you’ll want to record those stunning moments to remember them forever. Remember your camera, but make sure it’s waterproof since you never know when splashy whale activity can happen. Bring the necessary photographic equipment, including lenses and anything else, to make it comfortable to shoot quality pictures of the whales. You’ll want to remember this journey for the rest of your life. Ensure that any such equipment is resistant to saltwater or is shielded from it.

Don’t Remain in Front of the Camera the Whole Time

Spend some time being present and seeing the whales without a camera in the way. Many people lament not seeing these magnificent animals with their own eyes and instead spend the whole trip behind the camera. Avoid the same error by remembering to value these animals for what they are.

You’ll Need Plenty of Patience and Some Refreshments

Busselton whale watching excursions may be exciting and surprising. But there’s more to it than just nonstop action. You’ll need to use your inner patience and observational abilities to see whales and sense their presence. Pack snacks and light drinks to keep yourself hydrated and energetic during the excursion. You may get your favourite foods and beverages on board whale watching cruises. So choose the trip based on your likes and tastes.

In Summary

You must treat these fantastic animals and their natural environment with the greatest care as you set out on your expedition. For a safe and responsible trip, avoid invading their personal space and adhere to all the instructions offered aboard. To guarantee safe and easy travel, check the most recent weather predictions. Taking beautiful pictures during Busselton whale watching is crucial. Remember to take in the spectacular sight as it plays out in front of you. Give the moment your complete attention and allow it to affect your spirit. An unforgettable vacation awaits you in Busselton!

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